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Teryan Brown

Embrace Teryan’s inspiring journey by exploring more about him chasing dreams from business school to Hollywood.

Teryan is the perfect example of why you should take your shot at your dreams. His career as a model and actor began when he modeled for Anne Geddes, one of the world’s most respected photographers, when he was just six months old. Even though he always wanted to pursue a career on the big screen, he chose to go to Sacramento State University for a business degree as a backup plan. While there, he took an acting class, and his professor told him to leave immediately because he belonged in Hollywood! And he never looked back. He was able to join the union to become a SAG-AFTRA actor within a year. We are honored to be his financial partner and support his Hollywood story! Take a few minutes to get to know Teryan and how he is also working to create an industry that reflects the diversity of the real world.

What is the key to finding success in the entertainment industry?

“There are many, but I believe a super important one is being proactive. This industry is a proactive one, not a reactive one. Because this is a competitive, vast, huge, and influential industry, being proactive about your craft, about networking, about putting yourself out there and taking your shot will always increase your chances of finding opportunities and success versus waiting for them to come to you. Take your art, craft or job seriously enough to be and stay proactive. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

The entertainment industry is ever-changing, constantly evolving, allowing for many paths and forms of creativity, and there is always something to learn.  I specifically decided to work in diversity, equity, and inclusion because I wanted to be a part of the solution and not the problem when it comes to creating an industry that reflects the diversity of the real and actual world.  Entertainment is one of the most influential industries in the world, yet still has a diversity problem, and I’m proud to be championing and working to change that.”

How does First Entertainment benefit you as a creator of entertainment?

“First Entertainment gives its full support to artists. First Entertainment makes it easy to apply for a personal loan for all your creative needs.”

How would you compare your experiences with First Entertainment with other financial institutions that you have banked with?

“First Entertainment member service is amazing! I remember being stuck in Turkey with no access to funds and calling member services and still being helped.”

What has your experience been like using our digital banking?

“First Entertainment makes digital banking easy for splitting dinner bills, paying utility bills, and Zelle payments to friends and family.”

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