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Artis Cash

Artis Cash

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Actor and musician Artis Cash is not one to wait for the spotlight to find him. Even before beginning his journey from Louisiana to Hollywood, Artis had already carved a niche as the visionary behind Alkaline Media, a dynamic platform championing local musical talent. He also dedicated his time to nurturing the musical aspirations of kids from diverse backgrounds, teaching them music composition and production. Fate intervened when an actor friend prompted Artis to explore acting. His pursuit included countless hours in acting workshops, acquiring an agent, and many roles. Reflecting on his journey, Artis says, “Acting feels like a perfect fit for me, and I’m having a ball doing it!”

What is the key to finding success in the entertainment industry?

“The key to finding success in the entertainment industry is resilience. This industry will tell you no from time to time, and in many cases, people take it personal and allow that to cause them to feel insecure and unworthy. Pushing forward to the next opportunity–regardless of the outcome of the last–will bring about more things to celebrate in this business.”

What inspired you to become an actor?

“I always felt something magical watching TV and movies. I would act out scenes from what I saw on the screen, and I also wrote my own stories. But it wasn’t until recently, when I moved back to Los Angeles and got a taste of the industry, that I desired to be in this business. Now, after taking it seriously and allowing my creativity to flow, I have such a passion for what I do. I was inspired by people like Gene Wilder, Jamie Foxx, Chadwick Bozeman, and Tom Cruise. Their dedication, range, and creativity inspire me to pursue my best self on screen.”

How does First Entertainment benefit you as a creator of entertainment?

“First Entertainment has financing and tools specifically for creators of entertainment, and it’s not just the generic things you find at standard banks. I am a fan!”

How is First Entertainment different from other financial institutions you’ve banked with in the past?

“I don’t feel like I’m just a number with First Entertainment.”

What has your experience been like using our digital banking?

“The First Entertainment app has been perfect for me to take care of financial business while navigating the Hollywood world.”

I always felt something magical watching TV and movies. I would act out scenes from what I saw on the screen, and I also wrote my own stories.

Artis Cash, a versatile actor and musician, founded Alkaline Media to support local talent before his Hollywood journey. He’s known for mentoring diverse young artists in music composition and production. Artis emphasizes resilience as crucial in the entertainment industry. He finds First Entertainment’s specialized financial tools for creators invaluable and appreciates being more than a number with them. The digital banking app has proven convenient in his fast-paced Hollywood life.

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