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Tanjareen Thomas
Actress and Producer

Tanjareen Thomas

Join us in celebrating Tanjareen’s inspirational journey and her dedication to spreading hope and positivity.

Inglewood-born actress Tanjareen Thomas radiates classic-Hollywood elegance. Her name, meaning “bringer of energy, health, joy, and light,” mirrors her spirit. With a TV/Film Production degree from Cal State Northridge and a transformative Paramount Pictures internship, she’s gone on to forge her own remarkable career in Hollywood, appearing in hit shows and movies like Curb Your EnthusiasmFamily Time, and Johnson Family Vacation. Today, she also dazzles in music videos, commercials, and comedy clubs while driving her own creative projects. A passionate advocate, she’s also a former member of “The Vegan Vixens,” an advocacy-focused modeling ensemble. Explore Tanjareen’s remarkable journey in our exclusive Member Stories spotlight!

What is the key to finding success in the entertainment industry?

“Have a plan and be committed to it. I promised my parents that I’d finish college before I started pursuing a career in Hollywood, and that commitment helped start my career in entertainment with an internship at Paramount.”

What inspired you to become an actress and producer?

“The acting bug bit at the age of 6, when I played a gingerbread man in my school’s production of Hansel & Gretal. Then, I continued to do theatre throughout junior high and high school. Today, producing lets me work on projects that are important to me.”

How does First Entertainment benefit you as a creator of entertainment?

“At First Entertainment, they really “get” us entertainers. Back when jobs were slow and my balance was low, I got the same great energy from the tellers and customer service as I did after cashing my bigger checks — always friendly and on a first-name basis. Plus, the credit union’s branches are near or inside the major studios, which is so convenient. What’s not to love?”

How is First Entertainment different from other financial institutions you’ve banked with in the past?

“When you walk into a First Entertainment branch, it just feels better than other financial institutions. Instead of bullet proof glass and staleness, there are open spaces with tables and chairs for meetings and people who remember your name from your previous visit. It feels like you’re talking business with a friend.”

What has your experience been like using our digital banking?

“Digital banking is so easy and convenient! All of my residual checks are deposited directly into my First Entertainment account. They go from SAG straight to my savings. Couldn’t be any easier.”

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