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Property Master

Mellanie Urquiza

While most people dream about what it must be like to enter a world of fantasy and adventure as their career, Hollywood Property Master Mellanie Urquiza is living the dream. Mellanie brings to life film, television, and advertising projects like “Pizza Hut Detroit Style”, “Peloton. Anyone. Anywhere.”, and many more.

While most people dream about what it must be like to enter a world of fantasy and adventure as their 9-to-5, Hollywood Property Master Mellanie Urquiza is living the dream, helping bring to life brand’s stories in the ultra-competitive television advertisement universe. Consumers have been entertained by her work for powerhouse brands including DoorDash NBA 2022, Life WTR a partnership with LeBron James, Pizza Hut Detroit Style, Peloton. Anyone. Anywhere., and many more. A versatile talent, Mellanie has helped so many brands that it’s nearly impossible to not see her work on a screen today.  We’re proud that the influential Property Master is also a member of First Entertainment. We chat with Mellanie about how we’re helping her reach her financial goals!

What is the key to finding success in the entertainment industry?

“I like having a lighthearted and easygoing environment on set; laughing at work every day really makes a big difference. I find myself laughing with my crew all the time!”

How does First Entertainment benefit you as a creator of entertainment

“First Entertainment Credit Union understands the unique needs of creators of entertainment! It was the first time I felt heard and supported when I needed a loan to boost my career. I didn’t have to prove consistency of income; they understand our craft and position as independent contractors. I felt valued and as if I could really accomplish something BIG! Reaching financial stability is such a great tool for success, and having a credit union that believes in your goals makes it easy to get there.”

What has your experience been like using our digital banking?

“The mobile banking is seamless, and First Entertainment has caught up to any additional features other big banks offer, like mobile deposits and transferring funds with Zelle®!”

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