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Member Lindsey Moran
Production Designer & Art Director

Lindsey Moran

Lindsey Moran, a versatile and intuitive Production Designer, has left her mark on an array of projects in the entertainment industry.

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An intuitive and versatile Production Designer, Lindsey Moran has worked on films, television projects, music videos, and commercials featuring A-List talent and iconic characters. After attending California Institute of the Arts for theatrical set design, she began her career in live TV before shifting to character driven, scripted works. Today, you can usually find Lindsey in beautiful locales like Paradise Valley, Montana, creating an 1800s-era western town for a hit TV series or in Savannah, Georgia, designing a working restaurant for a blockbuster comedy-horror feature. We chatted with Lindsey to find out how First Entertainment* fits in with her Hollywood schedule.

Production Designer Lindsey Moran talks about how an after-school arts program inspired her to create her own path to Hollywood success.

When I initially tried to go through the process of finding a house and getting pre-approved, the underwriter couldn’t underwrite because I was between jobs and technically “unemployed.”

When it comes to banking, First Entertainment stands out for Lindsey. Unlike larger institutions that lack a personal touch, First Entertainment’s understanding of the entertainment industry and its commitment to ethical practices resonate with Lindsey’s values. This is especially evident in their support during unique financial situations, demonstrating a genuine care for their members.

What is the best bit of advice you can share for aspiring creators of entertainment?

At the end of the day, we all have to remember the reason we’re doing this is because we are storytellers, and we’re trying to make the story the best version that it can be. And anybody who isn’t dedicated enough, it’s going to show. This is a collaborative genre to work in, and so you have to fall in love with the project, and that’s going to keep you invested.

When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue a creative career in the entertainment industry?

I started being involved in theater when I was quite young, attending after-school and summer programs at a local youth dance theater company in Santa Barbara. Also, my mother was a fine artist. She was a painter and would come into the youth dance theater company and paint for the kids’ group, and that’s probably what sparked my interest.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a Production Designer and Art Director?

The thing you’re really trying to nail is when somebody like an actor or crew member walks into the room and they’re like, “Wow. This feels right!” That’s what you’re trying to nail right there.

What has your experience been like forging a career while also pioneering opportunities for other women in Production Design?

I still am sometimes the only female in the room when I go to look at sets being built. And when I go to construction shops, there’s a few females there but usually not many. However, there is one construction shop being run by a female in L.A., and I try to use them when I can. But coming up in this industry, sometimes there are people who just won’t listen to you because of your gender, your age, or whatever, and I tend to find other people and talk to them instead.

What do you do for fun when not working on big Hollywood projects?

A lot of times, when you’re being a manager, art director, and designer, it’s all very brain based, so outside of work, I lean heavy in the other direction into physical activity. I find rock climbing to be the best outlet, because when you’re up there, you can’t really be thinking about anything else. It’s like puzzle-solving but with your body instead of with your mind, which is why I enjoy it so much.

Describe how banking with First Entertainment is different from other financial institutions.

I joined when I was working on the Warner Bros. lot, because I got to walk to the branch, which was very convenient. Also, for a long time, I had been banking with a typically huge bank that just doesn’t care about their customers at all. They also have a terrible reputation for supporting really awful things, so, I was done with them. I know that First Entertainment is not supporting awful causes, which feels great.

Do you feel the First Entertainment gets you?

Yes, 100%. When I initially tried to go through the process of finding a house and getting pre-approved, the underwriter couldn’t underwrite because I was between jobs and technically “unemployed.” So, unless you find a financial institution that understands the nature of our business, you’re just going to keep spinning your wheels forever. So, the fact that First Entertainment understands what we do made a huge difference. It shows that they care.

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