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Eric Yeckley
Associate Producer

Eric Yeckley

With a resume that reads like a who’s who of iconic superheroes, Eric Yeckley’s extensive work as an Associate Producer spans a range of thrilling blockbusters like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and The Dark Knight Rises, to the comedic and gritty realms of Good Girls and Southpaw.

Eric Yeckley has worked with enough iconic superheroes that we’re surprised he hasn’t been invited to join the Justice League of America yet. Skim the prolific Associate Producer’s IMDB profile and you’ll see an eclectic list of film and TV hits that range from the thrilling adventures of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and The Dark Knight Rises to the comedic crimes of Good Girls and the gritty drama of Southpaw. We’re proud that the talented Associate Producer is also a member of First Entertainment. We chatted with Eric about how First Entertainment is helping him reach his financial goals!

What is the key to finding success in the entertainment industry?

“I’ve found the key to success in the entertainment industry is to maintain strong relationships, put people first, and relentlessly support the project’s vision.”

What inspired you to become a producer?

“I became fascinated with the television industry in high school. I first volunteered at my community television station and began learning about the skills and tools to bring a story to life. Each new project inspires me as I navigate new challenges, striving to deliver something fresh and engaging to audiences.”

How does First Entertainment befit you as a creator of entertainment?

“First Entertainment’s team takes the time to ensure your money is managed well. I stopped into a branch recently to make a deposit, and a banker sat me down and helped me move my money into accounts that are giving me the best rate of return based on my current financial outlook.”

What has your experience been like using our digital banking?

“Mobile banking has become a standard in recent years, and First Entertainment tends to keep up with the standards. The Credit Union listens to feedback and adjusts the mobile application to work better for members, and I appreciate those efforts.”

Mobile banking has become a standard in recent years, and First Entertainment tends to keep up with the standards.

From his early start in community television, he’s forged a path marked by a dedication to storytelling. As a valued member of First Entertainment, we had the opportunity to discuss how our services are instrumental in Eric’s journey towards financial success.

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