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Desha Head

Meet Desha Head, a celebrated SAG-AFTRA actress known for her roles in “Band of Robbers,” “Office Games,” and “Superstore.” From captivating school and church audiences to using her exceptional acting skills to train Marines, Desha’s journey is marked by passion and a commitment to making a meaningful impact.

Desha Head is a SAG-AFTRA actress known for Band of Robbers, Office Games, and Superstore. Her love for acting began at a young age when she realized she had the ability to keep the attention of the audience in plays at school and church. One of Desha’s greatest honors was using her outstanding acting skills to train Marines on what they would face when going into battle. Tenacity combined with respect for fellow artists is what drives Desha’s success. We are honored to help Desha with her financial needs to support her as an artist. Meet Desha in our new Member Stories spotlight.

What is the key to finding success in the entertainment industry?

“I believe the key to success in the entertainment industry lies in a combination of respect for your fellow artist, persistence, and the drive to promote yourself having a unique skill set or talent.”

What inspired you to want to pursue an entertainment career?

“My grandma and high school drama teacher encouraged me to participate in plays at church and school. I had so much fun with my peers entertaining the audience. I realized I could capture the audience’s attention and began to fall in love with the art of acting.”

How does First Entertainment benefit you as a creator of entertainment?

“I was able to get a line of credit with a good rate to help me with my business as an artist.”

Tell us something about yourself you would like the entertainment community and First Entertainment CU family to know.

“I worked a contract with the Marines portraying an Iraq villager to help our Marines train before going on the battlefield. It was an honor to use my acting skills for this cause.”

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