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Personal Line of Credit


Quick Access to Funds When You Need Them

Tackle your financial goals with more flexibility with a Personal Line of Credit. You can borrow money with a lower interest rate than most credit cards and get instant and ongoing credit access to funds. 

What is a Personal Line of Credit (PLOC)?  

Our Personal Line of Credit gives you ongoing access to a line of credit that you can borrow against whenever you need quick access to cash. You only have to make payments on the amount you use. Best of all, you only incurred interest on the borrowed amount. As you pay down your line, you can borrow again and again (up to your available credit limit) without having to reapply. 


Benefits and Uses of a Personal Line of Credit  

There are many uses for a personal line of credit, including paying off smaller high-rate loans, funding an emergency, and getting access to cash quickly. It can also help fund other significant expenses, like covering minor home improvements, unexpected medical or dental procedures, or car repairs. 


How do I access my funds and make payments?  

You can quickly transfer funds from your loan account to a checking account in Digital Banking, by phone, or at one of our branches. 

You can make payments in Digital Banking, by phone, or when you visit a branch. You can pay down the principal at any time without incurring fees. Or, set up Auto Pay to establish automatic monthly payments from any eligible First Entertainment account. 


Apply Now

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us by Secure Message via Digital Banking or at 888.800.3328.