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Matilde Matteucci

Matilde Matteucci began her career in front of the camera but fell in love with other artistic aspects of filmmaking. Matilde now helps actors embody their characters through costuming and wardrobe.

Born in Bologna, Italy, Matilde Matteucci has held various roles in the entertainment industry as a translator, actress, and now as a costumer. With a Bachelor of Arts in film from the University of Bologna and acting and film production certification from UCLA, Matilde started her career in front of the camera, training with Howard Fine. Her filmography includes “As God Commands,” directed by Academy Award winner Gabriele Salvatores, and “The Youngest Son,” directed by Pupi Avati. However, Matilde found her true calling behind the scenes and began her journey as a costumer. Now she helps actors strengthen their connections to the characters they portray through their wardrobe. Her most recent work was on “Young Rock” for NBC and “Pivoting” for Fox. Despite the demanding nature of her profession, Matilde considers it more a passion than a job. She feels thankful for the opportunity to do what she loves, and we feel equally grateful to serve as her financial partner. Get to know Matilde Matteucci in our new Member Stories spotlight.

What is the key to finding success in the entertainment industry?

“Working hard, being reliable, and pleasant to work with. Understanding the room and understanding your place. Being open to last minute changes and being open to learning new skills. Finding solutions and being respectful.”

What inspired you to want to pursue an entertainment career?

“I have always loved storytelling. I studied the history of film, the aesthetics of art, and philosophy. I completely fell in love with the artistic aspect of filmmaking, the history of it, its craftsmanship, and creativity. The more I studied, the more I dreamt of being part of it. After I had the opportunity to work on some film sets and commercials, I found my career path, initially in front of the camera and later on behind the scenes as well. I feel so grateful to be able to call this my job. It’s a lot of hard work, long hours at times, but it doesn’t feel like a job!”

How does First Entertainment benefit you as a creator of entertainment? 

“Great rates for mortgages or car payments.”

How would you compare your experiences with First Entertainment with other financial institutions that you have banked with?

“I never had a problem, and when I deposit a check, the money is surprisingly available immediately versus 2-3 business days at other institutions.”

What has your experience been like using our digital banking? 

“I love online mobile deposits; they are super convenient.”

Tell us something about yourself you would like the entertainment community and First Entertainment CU family to know.

“I am very grateful to work in the motion picture industry, be part of unions, and get paid to do creative work.”

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