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Janee Trotman

As a shy child, performing brought Janee Trotman out of her shell. Now, this accomplished actor, who hails from New York, has confidently conquered her career.

Janee Trotman found her voice and confidence training as an actress at New York University and at legendary acting studio Herbert Berghof (HBStudio of New York.  After mastering monologue, improvisation and the Meisner acting technique, Janee soon found herself performing in Off-Broadway plays such as “How Ya Livin’” at the Harlem Theatre, Shakespeare’s “King Lear” at Manhattan’s West Side’s Bard at the Bar, and “Holla If You Hear Me” at the Billie Holiday Theatre. Since coming to Los Angeles, Janee has honed her skills in front of the camera learning on scene study, on-camera, and audition techniques. Her voiceover work has been featured on the television shows “That’s So Raven” and “Cory in the House” and she’s appeared in Nickelodeon’s “Not So Valentine’s Special.” When she’s not acting, Janee has a passion for singing and working with children. We are thrilled to work with this exceptional talent who thinks First Entertainment is amazing.

What is the key to finding success in the entertainment industry?

“The key to finding success in the entertainment industry is patience while working on your craft. Also, building long-lasting relationships with people in all areas of the industry. You never know when someone will contact you out of the blue! I love that the most about our industry.”

What inspired you to want to pursue an entertainment career?

“I was shy as a child, always trying to hide (and I know some people would find that hard to believe). Performing made me come out of my shell. Now that I’m better at it than ever before, I can confidently move through this industry, and I’m willing to try every aspect of it. I appreciate having this career.”

How does First Entertainment benefit you as a creator of entertainment? 

“They understand how our money ebbs and flows according to how and when we get work, so they don’t penalize you for not having funds at certain times and will work with you to keep your money flowing.”

How would you compare your experiences with First Entertainment with other financial institutions that you have banked with?

“The attention to detail and keeping our money safe. First Entertainment will also make sure you’re using the services they offer to the fullest.”

What has your experience been like using our digital banking? 

“I use digital banking every day, and it’s easy to use. I love the fingerprint authentication as well as the ability to see my credit score at any time.”

Tell us something about yourself you would like the entertainment community and First Entertainment CU family to know.

“I love to dance, so if you see me waiting in any type of line, I’m usually listening to music and dancing.”


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