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Writer and Digital Marketer

Carolyn Neuhausen

Carolyn Neuhausen founded a marketing agency committed to supporting her colleagues’ Hollywood dreams. Her generous spirit for helping those in the entertainment community is inspiring.

Meet Carolyn Neuhausen, the founder and CEO of ThinkWrite Creative, an agency that helps businesses optimize their website and email marketing channels. Carolyn grew up in a broadcast family, so the entertainment industry has always been in her blood. She was given the opportunity to cut her teeth at some of the largest entertainment companies in the world by writing articles, launching websites, and producing thought leadership content and marketing promotions for the likes of Netflix, PayPal, Paramount Global (CBS and CBS streaming), Warner Bros Discovery, The Los Angeles Times, Curbed LA, and Sunset Magazine. She is committed to supporting her colleagues and their dreams in entertainment and media. Get to know Carolyn, who believes that if you’re in the position to create an opportunity for a colleague, you should do so. We are proud to be her financial partner and we are inspired by her generous spirit for supporting those in the entertainment community.

What is the key to finding success in the entertainment industry?

“The key to finding success in the industry is to be good at your job, show up early and with a sense of service, and respect everyone you work with and cross paths with. Be the kind of contact you’d want to network with. The entertainment industry is a volatile and colorful place; the more you can project calm in stressful times, the better. The industry is also built on connections and contacts, so be a good person to work with, act out of a sense of service to your client and colleagues first, and success will follow. Also, always keep your mind open to learning new skills, tools, and tactics about your industry and trade. Always be humble enough to know we’re all always learning.”

What inspired you to want to pursue an entertainment career?

“I’ve considered myself lucky that from a young age, I’ve grown up in a TV and news broadcasting family.  Both my mother and father worked on the tech and engineering side of TV and news networks in Los Angeles, and my aunt was a broadcast journalist and producer in Chicago and LA. Growing up with them, I had a first-hand look into some of the fun, creative, and challenging aspects of working in entertainment, as well as the benefits it could provide someone. Entertainment, technology, and writing have always been in my blood.”

How does First Entertainment benefit you as a creator of entertainment? 

“There are multiple programs and loans with competitive interest rates that are available to help us buy homes and fund the cars we need to transport us to the jobs that inspire us! Personal loans are available for us when we need to pivot in our lives and retrain for new opportunities. There are convenient credit union locations to help us where we are living and working.”

How would you compare your experiences with First Entertainment with other financial institutions that you have banked with?

“I have a lot of fondness for First Entertainment because the institution helped fund my dream of owning a home. I also have so much respect for credit unions versus the traditional banking world.”

What has your experience been like using our digital banking? 

“I do use it, and I find it easy to pay my home loan and transfer funds between accounts.”

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