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Graham Suorsa
Producer & Director

Graham Suorsa

Meet Graham Suorsa, a passionate producer/director whose thrilling subjects add an extra touch of excitement to the Hollywood scene.

After directing eclectic reality TV projects at AOL Studios, Graham dedicated over seven years to capturing the extraordinary life of pro racer Jessi Combs in the awe-inspiring 2022 documentary The Fastest Woman on Earth, which he co-directed. Join us as we delve into his creative work and financial journey, and discover how we partner with Graham to turn his extraordinary plans into action!

What is the key to finding success in the entertainment industry?

“Achieving and sustaining success in the industry is a long game, so quality relationships and collaborations are important. The key to being successful starts with integrity; identifying a vision that aligns with who you are and being honest with yourself and others throughout the process.”

What inspired you to want to pursue an entertainment career?

“From a young age, I was taught that if you want something, you need to work hard to achieve it. I have stories to tell, and turning those ideas into reality is a necessity. I can’t bear to have a creative idea that I can’t bring to fruition. Producing allows me to create accountability and get results, and directing lets me preserve that creative vision.”

How does First Entertainment befit you as a creator of entertainment?

“As a creator, being understood is critical to my work. And with First Entertainment, it’s always been a relationship of listening and support. The Credit Union understands our business, which has a certain rhythm and culture to it, and they support us as individuals and businesses on our path to success. I’ve been a member long enough to have been supported through post-college debt consolidation, to car loans, to business accounts used to fund feature films. And it’s always been a great experience!”

What has your experience been like using our digital banking?

“I have two branches relatively close to home and work, but while traveling or in other parts of town, digital banking is easy and essential!”

As a creator, being understood is critical to my work. And with First Entertainment, it’s always been a relationship of listening and support.

Partnering with First Entertainment Credit Union, Graham appreciates the understanding and support tailored to the unique rhythm and culture of the entertainment business. The credit union’s digital banking services offer Graham convenience and accessibility while managing his financial needs.

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