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Financial Planning & Investments,


for financial success.

Smart investing for a brighter future.

Develop both a plan and relationship for financial success with First Entertainment Investment Services (FEIS), your home for personalized investment strategies.

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Motion Picture Individual Account Plan (IAP) Rollovers

Understand your retirement options and get guidance on future financial goals. Get assistance with paperwork and setting up a new IRA to receive the IAP Rollover.


Goal Identification & Income Analysis

Understand where you are now, discover where you want to go, and get personalized insights and professional guidance on how to get there.

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Investment Strategies & Money Management

Get an independent evaluation of your current assets portfolio (including mutual funds & retirement plans) and we will determine your most efficient investment mix.


Retirement Plans

We’ll help determine your retirement funding needs, develop a personalized investment strategy, and put you on the path towards financial stability and success.


Rollover Counseling

Knowing where and when to move funds from one plan to another shouldn’t be confusing. Whether it’s a company retirement fund or an IRA, we’ll get you the info you need.


Risk Management & Insurance

Determine which assets require protection, select the appropriate insurance coverage to guard them, including Fixed Annuities, Long-term Care Insurance, and more.

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