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How do we protect you and your data?

We have multiple safeguards in place that meet or exceed required regulations to protect your money and personal information. Our network is continually monitored to ensure it is performing at the optimum level of protection. Here are some additional methods we use:

  • 256-bit encryptionof data.
  • Unique usernameto provide authentication.
  • Multi-factor authenticationto verify you’re using our official website.
  • Session timeouts¬†when there is no activity for several minutes.
  • Date/time stamp visibilityso you can confirm your history of sign-ins.
  • Numerous secure firewallsprotect our digital banking and deter unauthorized network access.
  • Secure Message Center lets you answer security questions privately via digital banking.

The Immediate Debit enhancement will not impact existing user-level limits. The process to adjustand manage limits will remain unchanged.

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