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Business Checking


Checks and Balance

As a business owner, knowing where your money is at all times is one of the most important parts of your job. Without that attention to detail, things could get a little out of hand. But that doesn't mean that keeping track of your funds should be a difficult, all-consuming task. Managing your cash with our Business Essentials Checking and Business Advantage Checking leaves you with one less thing to stress about.

  • Business Essentials Checking

    Gives you the extra help you need, providing you the flexibility and support to be nimble and strategic. It features all the modern conveniences you'd expect from a state-of-the-art account:

    • Seamless integration with Quicken and Quickbooks.
    • Minimum Opening Deposit of $100.
    • 150 Transactions Allowed Per Month: Deposits, Deposited Items, and Drafts (Checks).
    • 50 ACH Transactions Allowed Per Month (Credits and Debits).
    • $7,500 Monthly Allowance for Cash Deposits.
    • Limited Shared Branch Access - Deposits Only.
  • Business Advantage Checking

    One of our most powerful checking accounts. You'll enjoy our highest level of benefits, including twice the number of free transactions as our Business Essentials Checking, up to 300 per month, and the ability to make greater cash deposits than you would with Business Essentials Checking:

    • Seamless integration with Quicken and Quickbooks.
    • Minimum Opening Deposit of $100.
    • 300 Transactions Allowed Per Month: Deposits, Deposited Items, and Drafts (Checks).
    • 50 ACH Transactions Allowed Per Month (Credits and Debits).
    • $10,000 Monthly Allowance for Cash Deposits.
    • Limited Shared Branch Access - Deposits Only.

Still not convinced? Here are just some of the other perks of our Business Checking:

eStatements - Simple and Comprehensive

Business Checking eStatements are the convenient and secure way to give you better access to your information - and best of all, they're FREE! With eStatements, you'll have:

  • The ability to view your statement the same day it's ready.
  • An email notice informing you that your statement is available for viewing.
  • Access to statements dating back to January 2002.
  • Direct access to your 1099 and 1098 Tax Forms.

Sign-up for eStatements for your Business Checking account today:

  • Log-on to, and
  • Click the "eDocuments" tab along the top, then
  • Select the "Enroll" option.

Secure Debit Card

Paying for business expenses with a debit card has always been the safest way to keep track of your business costs. Knowing exactly how much you have in the bank prevents overspending. And now, with our EMV Chip-Enabled Debit Cards, you can feel even better about your good business decisions. The EMV Chip makes choosing debit even safer by generating a unique transaction code every time you insert your card for a payment. This prevents your data from being stolen and fraudulently used. EMV works like an electronic check by debiting your Credit Union Checking Account directly, so you know where every penny goes.

Use your Debit Card to pay for goods and services at millions of merchants worldwide, anywhere a Visa Card is accepted. Plus, you can get cash at virtually all ATMs nationwide, including nearly 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP Network locations.

Powerful Online Banking - Total Convenience

We agree that visiting the bank can be a hassle, especially with your demanding business responsibilities. And while we pride ourselves on the quick, friendly service our members receive at every First Entertainment branch location, we still understand that you live a fast-paced lifestyle with work at the forefront. That's why we've created online and mobile banking solutions for your real life. Whether you're trying to:

  • Pay a contractor bill while waiting in line at the grocery store,
  • Check on your savings account balance before upgrading your storefront,
  • Quickly apply for a loan for that second franchise location, or
  • Deposit client checks seamlessly from your smartphone. and the Firstent Mobile App are ready to help. Download our iOS app from the App Store or Download our Android™ app from Google Play today.

Overdraft Protection - We Understand Business

Fees. We all have to live with them, but we want to limit them as much as possible. One of the most annoying fees is the one you get for an overdraft. You're busy running your business. Sometimes the slowest seasons can cause your account to dip uncomfortably, but bills and employees have to be paid.

When a check comes in and there are not enough funds in the account to cover it, the big banks will "graciously" pay it and send your account into the negative. Sure, it's convenient, but they'll charge you $35, $40 or even more for the handy service. Overdraft happens even to the most careful business owners. But we have a better way.

When the inevitable happens - you have to make a choice between which bill gets paid first, or you simply make an error and don't have enough funds in an account to cover a check - we have you covered too. Our affordable $26 Overdraft Protection Program offers you a kinder, gentler way to manage those unexpected events. It's cheaper than paying an NSF fee to have the check returned, it's quicker and easier than applying for a short-term loan, and it's more affordable than the overdraft fees from just about any bank. For complete details about our Overdraft Protection Program or any of our checking accounts call 888-800-3328.

Carbonless Checks - Save Your Information and the Environment

If you order carbonless checks, you can automatically write a non-negotiable duplicate of every check you issue. You'll have an accurate, permanent record of all your transactions. To help keep your business organized, original checks are not returned with your monthly statement. Instead, you can both view and print your cancelled checks online via And besides, less paper waste saves trees.