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Relocating To L.A.


Make the right move in the entertainment industry by considering key factors when choosing your ideal living space. Our tips will streamline your search, saving time and money as you embark on your journey in L.A.

Find your ideal entertainment industry-adjacent living space with these essential tips.

Deciding where to live in Greater Los Angeles requires careful consideration of a few important things, from your budget to the proximity of the nearest casting office. These tips may save you some time and gas money when searching for your dream living space.

If you are moving to L.A., your first task is figuring out where to live. Like the entertainment community, Los Angeles is very spread out, so there isn’t just one place to live that’s the best. Just about everywhere you go in L.A. County, the entertainment industry has a presence, including casting offices, agent offices, recording studios, and studio lots, so you have many living options.

As the financial ally for creators of entertainment, First Entertainment Credit Union has put together this information to help up-and-coming entertainment professionals confidently navigate L.A.’s available loving spaces.

Where to Live in the City 

If you look at a map, the city of Los Angeles runs from the From the sun-kissed shores of the Pacific to the neon-lit pulse of Downtown L.A., or “DTLA,” as the locals call it. There are several major freeways connecting this expansive area, including the 10, 405, 110, and 101. The entertainment industry or “the Industry” as it’s called, is concentrated in Hollywood, West Hollywood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.

There’s a lot going on in this area for entertainment professionals and that is why many choose to live here. Like other major cities, there are challenges that come with living in this area, including a high cost of living, limited parking, and lots of people. But if you want to be in the thick of it, then the city is the place to be.

Plus, it can be thrilling to run into your favorite Hollywood star at the neighborhood supermarket or coffeehouse every now and again.

Where to Live in the Valley

Conversely, the Valley—a region encompassing Burbank, North Hollywood, Studio City, and Sherman Oaks—presents a different dynamic. Spanning north of the 101 freeway from the 5 on the east to the 405 on the west, this district hosts colossal media players like Disney, CBS, and Nickelodeon. Casting offices, training hubs, and recording studies also dot the Valley’s landscape. A departure from urban intensity, the Valley mirrors a suburban idyll—complete with spacious stores, ample parking, and an ambiance of tranquility.

While living costs remain demanding, they do lean towards affordability compared to city life. Yet, the trade-off is the extended commute to the city center, demanding more drive time.

Deciding What Matters

Whether you choose to live in the city or the Valley really comes down to your priorities. Before you make a choice, ask yourself some important questions:

  • Do you prefer the buzz of a big city or a quieter community?
  • Do you need to be close to public transit?
  • Do you need to be close to where you’ll be working?
  • Do you want to live near the beach?
  • How important is convenience?

If in doubt, Rent.com provides a wealth of insights on L.A.’s diverse neighborhoods, even offering a quiz to streamline your selection process.

First Entertainment is the Credit Union for Creators

We hope you found this information helpful as you are researching where you want to live in Los Angeles. We have been serving the entertainment industry for over 50 years, so we have a unique understanding of the financial needs of entertainment professionals, and we have developed products and services to meet those needs.

When you become a member of First Entertainment, you join a cast of thousands of creatives who entrust us with their financial needs. As you settle into L.A., feel free to browse our website to see all that we offer and how we can help you, because You Belong Here!

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