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Networking Strategies for Entertainment Professionals


New to the entertainment industry in LA? Learn expert networking strategies with First Entertainment Credit Union’s guide to building valuable connections in the field.

Know someone relocating to L.A. for a career in entertainment? Discover expert networking tips to forge valuable industry connections.

For those venturing to Los Angeles to embark on a career in the entertainment industry, cultivating a robust professional network is paramount. First Entertainment Credit Union, a steadfast financial partner for creators of entertainment for over 50 years, has curated this guide to assist aspiring entertainment professionals in uncovering essential networking opportunities. Below, are key avenues for successful networking:

Industry Affiliations

Explore renowned groups like Film Independent and Women in Film for mixers, events, and exclusive previews.1 The California Film Commission provides a comprehensive directory of prominent entertainment groups. Some may require an annual membership fee, and if financial constraints arise, consider First Entertainment Credit Union’s tailored loan for union dues expenses.

Faith-Based Communities

For those with religious affiliations, places of worship provide a built-in community. Given the widespread presence of entertainment professionals, the likelihood of forming valuable connections during religious gatherings is substantial.

Alumni Networks

Explore if your alma mater has an active alumni association. These communities provide a platform to engage with accomplished alumni thriving in the entertainment industry.

Meetup Events

Leverage relevant social network channels and join local communities for shared learning and similar interests among like-minded individuals. Create or join groups aligned with your interests, and leverage powerful tools for industry networking, like MeetUp.com.1

Exclusive Networking Circles

Research exclusive industry networking groups in your area. These communities frequently host events, mixers, and award ceremonies, presenting invaluable opportunities for face-to-face interactions.

Personalized Engagements

Once initial connections are established, extend invitations for coffee or drinks to gain deeper insights into their industry journey. This affords an invaluable opportunity to absorb firsthand experiences, seek guidance, and broaden your understanding of the entertainment industry.

First Entertainment: Your Financial Partner

When you become a member of First Entertainment, you join a cast of thousands of creatives who entrust us with their financial needs. You’ll also gain access to in-person and virtual events that many of our members use as networking opportunities.

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