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Our Leadership


First Entertainment Senior Management

  • President/CEO
    Frank Wasson

  • EVP/CFO/Chief Operating Officer
    Lisa Landt

  • Chief Retail Officer
    Anthony Restivo

  • Chief Information Officer
    Janet Phillips

  • Vice President - Finance/Accounting
    Addie Allison

  • Vice President - Treasury
    Jason Thomas

  • Vice President - Lending/Chief Lending Officer
    Tom Orman

  • SVP/Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Human Resources Officer
    Michelle Frattolin

  • Chief Marketing Officer
    Jimmy Lee

  • Vice President - Property Management
    James Marcellino

  • Vice President - Enterprise Risk/General Counsel
    Jennifer Jordan

  • Vice President - Digital Experience
    Nas Birmingham

First Entertainment Board of Directors

  • Chair
    Gari Ann Douglass

  • Vice-Chair
    Michael G. Edwards

  • Treasurer
    Irwin Jacobson

  • Secretary
    Dennis Tange

  • Director
    Terra Potts

  • Director
    Stephen Raynes

  • Director
    Laura Valan

  • Director
    Patrick Walters

  • Director
    Howard Welinsky

Supervisory/Audit Committee

The Supervisory Committee is elected by the members and is comprised of volunteers who are member-owners of the credit union. Its primary function is to serve as the audit committee of the credit union, ensuring that the credit union is soundly managed and that member assets are safeguarded. To fulfill its function, the committee monitors and evaluates the quality of credit union finances, operations, and decisions.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Safeguard First Entertainment member assets by initiating ongoing internal and yearly external audits.
  • Review First Entertainment policies, procedures, and operations.
  • Review the minutes of meetings held by the First Entertainment Board of Directors and committees.
  • Evaluate First Entertainment’s internal controls and financial position.
  • Make recommendations for improving First Entertainment’s operating practices.
  • Keep abreast of consumer laws and regulations and determine First Entertainment's compliance with them.
  • Ensure that First Entertainment is not in violation of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act by discriminating against any category of members.
  • Collaborate with regulatory examiners during their inspection.
  • Reviewing and resolving member complaints that cannot be rectified through normal channels.
  • Supervisory Committee Chair
    Mitch Nedick

  • Committee Members
    Miri Stucker
    Jeff Mirkin
    Dhiren Patel
    Doug Regan

Member Complaints

The vast majority of issues can be resolved efficiently and effectively by the First Entertainment Credit Union staff. Member complaints and/or other issues can be sent directly to the President/CEO of the credit union.

If you are unable to resolve an issue or discrepancy regarding your account through normal channels, you may wish to contact the Supervisory Committee. You may do this by sending a letter to our Supervisory Committee at this address:

Supervisory Committee
First Entertainment Credit Union
P.O. Box 100
Los Angeles, CA 90078-0100

If you would like to be considered for appointment to the Supervisory Committee, please send a resume and cover letter stating your interest to the P.O. Box address above.

Positions may not always be available, but your interest and information will be kept on file for possible openings.

Experience in bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, finance, systems analysis, or documentation review is helpful in this position, as you are responsible for carrying out audit and verification functions. You also must be a First Entertainment member in good standing.

First Entertainment Credit Union
6735 Forest Lawn Drive
Hollywood, CA 90068