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You may close a Money Market account by contacting us at 888-800-3328, Message Center, or visiting one of our First Entertainment Branch locations. Click here to Book an Appointment  to skip the line.
2 Ways to Open Your Money Market Savings Account
Option 1: Online (Must be an established Digital Banking User and a Savings Account Membership must already be established) Option 2: In Branch:  Click here to Book an Appointment  to skip the line. Option 3: Call us at 888-800-3228   If opening the Money Market Savings Account online, please follow the below steps:  Step 1. Login to Digital Banking Step 2. Select "open new deposit account." Step 3. Select Money Market Savings Account
You may log into your digital banking or contact us at 888-800-3328.
We do offer investment/financial planning services. Please click here for more information.
A money market account is a type of savings account offered that typically pays higher interest rates compared to a regular savings account. It is designed to provide a safe and liquid way for members to save and invest their money while earning some interest. All Consumer Money Market Savings accounts require a minimum opening balance of $2,500.