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How to Use Zelle® Safely and Avoid Payment Scams

Zelle® and other popular digital payment apps make sending or receiving money convenient. But criminals are taking advantage of the platform to scam people into sending them money.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself and your money when using peer-to-peer digital payment services like Zelle®:

  1. Treat Zelle® like cash. Zelle® does not offer a protection program for authorized transactions that turn out to be fraudulent, and once you hand over payment, it is difficult or impossible to get it back.
  2. Send money only to people you trust. Never send money to any stranger who contacts you through social media, claims to be from a government agency or First Entertainment, or asks you to send money to yourself.
  3. Never share your log-in credentials. Refrain from sharing your Digital Banking user ID or password with anyone under any circumstances.
  4. Double-check your payment details. If you erroneously send money to the wrong person or in the incorrect amount, or as a part of a scam, it may be impossible to get back.
  5. Use unique credentials. Protect your account by using a unique password within the First Entertainment mobile app. It is easier to use one password across many apps, but that heightens your vulnerability.
  6. Get familiar with the interface. Zelle® is primarily used for quick payments, and when you use it for the first time, you may make errors. Practice using the service by sending and receiving $1 with a trusted family member or friend.
  7. Raise a red flag on urgent payment requests. Sense-of-urgency and scare tactics are major red flags, such as a caller claiming to be from a company you do business with and threatening to shut off service if you don’t make a payment immediately.
  8. Protect your accountIf your phone has been lost or stolen or if you notice suspicious activity with your online accounts, contact First Entertainment Member Services at 888.800.3328 or fill out the Zelle® Dispute Form.