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How do I deposit a check into a Coogan account?

Coogan check deposits may be made in the following ways:

  1. Direct Deposit: Direct deposit may be set up, if the child’s payroll company offers the service.
  2. First Entertainment Location: Click here to Book an Appointment to skip the line. 
  3. Shared Branch:  To make a deposit through a shared branch, go to  ATMs and Co-Op Branches to locate a shared branch near you.
  4. MailYou can mail your check deposit to First Entertainment Credit Union, PO Box 100, Hollywood, CA 90078. Include a deposit slip. If you do not have one, you can print one out by clicking on the “Forms” tab on our website. Additionally, please add the member number along with the share number on the back of the check and deposit slip.

    Non-employer deposits (personal funds, birthday gift checks, etc.) may also be deposited to Coogan accounts.  Please remember that all deposited funds become the property of the minor and cannot be withdrawn except under established Coogan rules.
    *Deposits may be subject for return if not properly endorsed.