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How do I enroll in eStatements?

Members can enroll in eStatements using the Mobile app and over Desktop.

Mobile App Instructions

  1. Open the Firstent Mobileapp and login.
  2. Select the More
  3. Click on the Documentsdropdown and select Statements.
  4. On the top right, click Settings then select Statements and/or Credit Card.
  5. Toggle Online and that will complete the enrollment in eStatements.


Desktop Instructions

  1. Navigate to and login.
  2. Hover over Documents tab and select any of the options from the dropdown.
  3. In the Overview tab, select the gear icon next to Statements and/or Credit Card.
  4. Toggle Online and Continue then the enrollment in eStatements will be complete. 

Important Note: Enrollment in eStatements is not retroactive. Upon enrollment, future statements will appear on Digital Banking, but previous statements prior to enrollment will not appear.