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How do I enable my account for online access through Digital Banking?

Members can register for Digital Banking on their Mobile App or navigate to on Desktop.

  1. Select “Register a New Account
  2. Select “Register to my individual account” or “Register to my business account
    • Disclosure. Read the disclosure then select the checkbox next I Agreeand select Continue.
    • Confirm your identity. Fill out the necessary fields (SSN/TaxID, EIN/TIN, Account/Member Number, and Date of Birth/Established Date)
    • Verify your Identity. Member can choose between receiving an SMS Text, an Email, or a Voice Call.
    • Verification. This will be the code provided to the member via the method they selected in Step 3.
    • Create Username. Member will be prompted to create a unique username.
    • Create Password. Member will be prompted to create a password. Once this is completed, the member will be routed to their Dashboard and they can begin their Digital Banking journey!