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How do I dispute or cancel a Zelle® payment?

Reminder: Sending funds via Zelle is like using cash – once funds are sent, it can be very difficult or impossible to recover them. Zelle does not offer the same protections as using a credit or debit card. First Entertainment highly recommends that members use Zelle to send money only to people they know and trust. Once you send funds using Zelle, we cannot guarantee those funds can be returned.

  1. You may attempt to dispute a transaction sent via Zelle, but First Entertainment cannot guarantee the return of those funds.
    • A Zelle transaction can be disputed up to 120 days from the transaction date
    • A Zelle dispute will be researched and resolved within 7 business days
  2. To dispute a transaction, please fill out the Zelle Dispute Form on A physical copy is also available to fill out in the branch.
  3. The form includes relevant information around the dispute such as your name, phone #, member number, email, date they discovered the error, and an opportunity to provide a brief description of the disputed transaction. (see attachment)
  4. Once the DocuSign is completed, it’ll be sent to our Zelle Dispute Team for further review.
  5. Please allow up to 7 business days for the dispute attempt to be completed and funds returned, if recoverable. A representative from First Entertainment will follow up on the status of your claim.