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How do I deposit a check that involves two parties?

All payees listed on a check must sign the check that is deposited or cashed, and must be a joint owner on the account. All multiple party checks without proper identification are subject to being returned.

With proper endorsements, these checks can be deposited through the following channels:

  1. Mobile Deposit:  Please load our Mobile Banking app from either the App Store or GooglePlay.
  2. ATM: To make a deposit through an ATM, go to  ATMs and Co-Op Branches to locate an ATM near you.
  3. Mail:  You can mail your check deposit to First Entertainment Credit Union, PO Box 100, Hollywood, CA 90078. Include a deposit slip. If you do not have one, you can print one out by clicking on the “Forms” tab on our website.
  4. First Entertainment Location or ATM: Click here to Book an Appointment to skip the line.