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How can I avoid debit card and credit card scams?

We are aware that some members receive text messages and calls that appear to be originated from First Entertainment’s phone number. These notifications ask the recipient to verify a recent transaction that supposedly occurred on their debit card account. Once the cardholder replies to the message, the member receives a follow-up phone call asking them to provide their full or partial credit or debit card number, card expiration date, CVV code, PIN, and/or online banking login information.

Please note, these messages are NOT from First Entertainment. We recommend that you NEVER provide your personal or account information to anyone in circumstances where you did not initiate the communication.

First Entertainment Credit Union has a Fraud Prevention Service that monitors debit card transactions 24/7. So, you may receive an email, text, or phone call to verify transactions. Our Fraud Prevention Service phone number is 866.602.8209. It is the only number used to verify transactions on a debit card, not for reporting a card lost/stolen.

Help us Protect You

  • First Entertainment’s Fraud Prevention Services will never ask for your PIN, Account Number, CVV code, SSN, or online banking credentials.
  • A text message from our fraud alert system will come from a 5-digit number, not a 10-digit number resembling a legitimate phone number.
  • Our text message verification system will ask you only to reply Yes or No when asked if you recognize your account’s transaction.
  • It will not include a link to a website.
  • If we need to speak with you, we will ask you to call us at 866.602.8209 to speak with an agent who can assist you. An email from our Fraud Alert System will come from The email may ask you to respond to whether a charge is legitimate by selecting one of two options.