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Can I make my loan payment online?

You may make loan payments online or through the mobile app by transferring the payment from your First Entertainment savings or checking account.

  1. Once the funds are placed in your First Entertainment Savings or Checking click on “Transfer & Pay” tab.
  2. Click on “Transfer Money & Make Payments”.
  3. Click on “From Account” drop down menu and select the account you are trying to make a payment from.
  4. Click on “To Account” drop down menu and select the loan number you are trying to make a payment on.
  5.  Under “How Much” tab select payment type – this includes Regular Payment, Amount Due, Pay Off, Principal Only or Other.
  6. Select “When” drop down menu to either submit a one-time payment OR a recurring payment.
  7. Select the “Date” you want your payment to be processed.
  8. If you want to input a “Memo Description” such as August payment that is optional.
  9. Click on “Review Transfer”; a display box will pop up to verify the transfer information; click on “Submit Transfer”.

To make online loan payments from another financial institution, please add us as a payee to their online bill payment program.