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Business Savings

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Saving the Day

In addition to our powerful Business Essentials Checking and Business Advantage Checking, we've got you covered with a variety of other useful accounts to help you manage your finances and provide you the ultimate in convenience.

Business Savings

We have a selection of savings plans specifically designed for business. They offer high dividends and maximum flexibility, making it easy to accumulate a nice nest egg.*

  • Business Term Savings Certificates

    Certificates are available in terms from six months to five years. Rates change weekly, but are fixed for the term of the certificate when the account is opened. A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required. Dividends are paid monthly and at maturity. Penalties for early withdrawal apply.

    Open Your Term Savings Certificate

    Print Now/Submit Later - To get a head start, complete our PDF Application, print, and bring it to any of our 10 branch locations.

  • Business Money Market

    Our tiered-rate Business Money Market account earns an excellent dividend which is determined by your daily balance, and the best part is, the more you save, the more you earn!** The minimum initial deposit is $2,500, but unlike Term Savings Certificates, your deposits are liquid. Should you need the funds you can withdraw them without penalty.

    Open Your Money Market Savings Account

    Print Now/Submit Later - To get a head start, complete our PDF Application, print, and bring it to any of our 10 branch locations.

  • Secondary Savings for Business

    Juggling multiple purposes for your savings in one account is stressful. Money all looks the same when itÂ’s numbers on a screen. How will you differentiate which funds are for which purpose? Open one or more Secondary Savings accounts for your business to keep all your funds organized. Each member may open up to nine Secondary Savings accounts, which do not require a minimum deposit or balance. Also, they can be custom named, such as "Shop Renovation Fund," "Employee Bonuses," or "Staff Culture Fund."

* No dividends will be paid on Savings balances below $250. If the minimum daily balance requirement is not met, a monthly service charge will apply (as disclosed in the Business Account Schedule of Fees and Charges) unless an active Business Checking Account is maintained check with the credit union for complete details. Business Savings Accounts are not eligible for the First500 Savings Account bump rate.

**Rate on our multi-tiered Money Market Account is based on the Account's daily balance. Account balances below $2,500 earn no dividends. For all fees associated with business accounts, please refer to our Business Banking Schedule of Fees and Charges.