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Overdraft Protection Program

First Entertainment Overdraft Services

First Entertainment has designed its Overdraft Services to save you from having an item returned or denied by a merchant if there are insufficient funds in your account, and also helps you avoid any additional fees charged by the merchant. 

  • First and foremost, you can save yourself and set up overdraft transfers that will pull money from a linked account if funds are available when you overdraw your account by a check, ACH electronic payment, or bill pay. You will incur a $3.00 Transfer fee. This is a great way to get your payments covered by funds within your account(s) at First Entertainment. You can also apply for a Personal Line of Credit to act as the source of the transfer.* You can set up this overdraft transfer service over the phone or in person at one of our convenient branch locations. 
  • If you overdraw your account by a check, ACH electronic payment, Bill Pay, First Entertainment’s Overdraft Service may cover your transaction even though you do not have enough money in your account. If you accessed our Overdraft Services, your account would have a negative balance. You will incur a $19.00 Overdraft fee; however, you will not incur merchant fees for returned payments. 
  • You will not be charged more than six (6) Overdraft fees in a day. 
  • If the transaction is $5.00 or less you will not be charged an Overdraft fee. 


Opt-In: Debit Card & ATM

  • You do not have to sign up for First Entertainment’s Overdraft Service to work for your paper checks, Bill Pay, or electronic (ACH) items you originated from your checking account. However, you do have to “Opt-In” if you want the benefits and Overdraft Service safety net to apply to your everyday non-recurring Debit Card and ATM transactions. 
  • It does not cost anything to Opt-In for First Entertainment’s Overdraft Service and you will only incur a fee if you use the service. 
  • There are several convenient ways to Opt-In for First Entertainment’s Overdraft Service coverage on your debit card. You can opt-in over the phone, in person at one of our convenient branch locations, Digital Banking, or by clicking the Sign Up for Overdraft Protection below. 


Protect your transactions and start saving today!

Sign Up for Overdraft Protection

For complete details about our Overdraft Protection Program or any of our checking accounts call 888.800.3328 today!

Excludes Youth, UTMA, and Coogan accounts. The overdraft fees stated here are accurate as of May 15, 2023. View First Entertainment's Schedule of Fees and Charges.

*Terms and conditions apply. Not all members will qualify. For complete details, please refer to the Member Account Agreement & Disclosure (MAAD).