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You Make It All Possible

First Entertainment began as a way for those of us in the industry to have a fighting chance against the big banks. Collectively, with each Member as part owner, we were able to harness our resources, becoming not just a formidable force, but a refuge. A place where people not only understand you, but genuinely care.

It’s you who’s made all this possible. A community of artists and craftspeople and technicians, of businesspeople and performers; musicians and agents and caterers; grips, movie and TV stars. A community that’s not only incredibly diverse in every way imaginable, but truly fascinating and unique. And what else would you expect, right? It is show biz, after all.

In fact, not a day goes by when we don’t hear remarkable stories from you guys.

Which is why, over ten years ago, we set out to celebrate our amazing community with the launch of the Show magazine. Published quarterly, every issue features an in-depth profile of a Member, with conversations that have been wide-ranging, unpredictable, emotional, inspiring, and frankly, a lot of fun.

We’ve been thrilled at the response. Our Members love the profiles, and within the credit union industry, the Show has won numerous awards for its creativity and quality. But four times a year? With more than 70,000 Members—well, we figure it would take us several thousand years to tell all the stories we want, and that seemed a tad too long.

Which leads us to why we’re here right now, in this, our brand new site dedicated to you. Now we have a platform where we can tell lots of stories, and more than that, bring them to life with video. We don’t have to worry about space, or having to show only a single picture or two. Now we can go into far more depth, with far more Members, and make the entire experience much more immersive and revealing. And we couldn’t be more excited about it.

The site you see here today is merely the beginning—we have lots of things in store. BUT—and this is a big one, we need YOU to help us make this into something you’ll really enjoy, something truly special. Know someone we should profile? Got any other ideas about things you’d like to see here? Maybe special offers for Members? Reviews?

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We love you, our Members, and now, we have our own little place on the Interwebs to show it. Thanks for visiting. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

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