Your Digital Profile

You're out there. Somewhere. Somehow. You have a digital profile. Whether it's your business profile on LinkedIn, your posts on Facebook, or your random (or perhaps daily) Tweets, the digital you is out there in bits and bytes. So, it stands to reason that you might have an interest in managing that profile. Here are some things you can do to make that profile as accurate as you want it to be.

LinkedIn logo graphic

LinkedIn: The Digital “Business” You.

LinkedIn is a common place for professionals to connect. And a common place to make missteps. See LinkedIn’s Guide to Managing Your Account and Privacy Settings.

See the LinkedIn Guide

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Facebook: The Digital “Friendly” You.

See Facebook’s extensive Privacy Area for Users. Check this page every few months as Facebook updates their privacy controls (an ever-moving target) often.

Facebook's Privacy Area

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Twitter: The Digital “Tweeting” You.

See Twitter’s Guide on How to Protect Your Tweets – manage your messaging and learn about a variety of helpful security measures.

Protect Your Tweets!