Great Time for Credit Unions

A Great Time for You to Be a Member of First Entertainment Credit Union

The economy has made it tough for a lot of businesses. Banks, in particular, have received their share of the blame for the rocky financial climate of the last few years. That fact has given rise to a groundswell of support for institutions like First Entertainment Credit Union. People are fed up with bank fees and lack of real service. They're no longer comfortable placing their money in the hands of organizations who treat them like a number, not a person.

Here's interesting data that might make you a little happier that, today, you're a MEMBER of a not-for-profit financial institution that cares about you. And, if for some reason, you're reading this and you're NOT a member … we think you should be! You can learn about membership or apply for membership right now.

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What is a Credit Union?

Perhaps it’s time you knew why credit unions are different.

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