Email Safety

Stay Safe

Following these simple practices can help reduce your chance of falling victim to unscrupulous email scammers. This list is not comprehensive, but a good start to keeping your email safer:

  • DON’T open links or attachments contained in emails from unfamiliar sources.
  • DON'T follow a link to a site through an email and then proceed to enter personal information, such as account numbers or passwords.
  • Open a new browser window and enter the URL of the trusted site to secure your transactions.
  • Delete emails with account-sensitive information, even if they contain only partial account identification information.
  • Be aware of questionable emails: What looks suspiciously like legitimate bank/credit union emails with legitimate logos and structured to look like the communications you typically receive from First Entertainment Credit Union, can be fake emails that direct you to questionable Internet addresses. Read carefully, and watch for incorrect spellings and poor grammar; and NEVER enter your password or personal information.
  • Cut your vulnerability to SPAM by being cautious about where you post your email address; avoid posting them on every web site or organization that asks for it.
  • Never forward chain messages revealing coworkers' or colleagues' email addresses.
  • Avoid opening unsolicited email.
  • Protect your coworkers' and family's email addresses by using the BCC feature; and delete their addresses before you forward an email.
  • Don't attach large files to emails.
  • Limit the number of file attachments to five or less
  • Save attachments to your hard drive and then delete the email message containing the attachment.
  • Always scan files with an anti-virus program before opening an attachment.
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