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Home Rewards Program

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Unmatched Savings & Service

For members looking to purchase or sell a home, First Entertainment Credit Union's Home Rewards program offers you two great ways to save. And, if you’re buying AND selling, you can qualify for both benefits to save even more!


See How You Can Save


1.5% Listing Fee

You sell a $500,000 home

Traditional agent charges a 3% fee
= $15,000

You pay a flat 1.5% listing fee1
= $7,500

You Save: $7,500

Excludes commission owed to buyer's agent.


20% Commission Rebate

You buy a $500,000 home

Seller pays agent 3% commission
= $15,000

You earn a 20% commission rebate2
= $3,000

You Receive: $3,000

You don't pay any commission fees!










First Entertainment Home Rewards gives you access to:


Easy, No Obligation Enrollment

Registering is quick and easy:


Online Home Search

Use our exclusive home search website to view MLS listings and get notified of new listings by email.


Expert Guidance

We'll connect you with a trusted real estate agent to help you through the process and guarantee a safe sale/purchase.


So what are you waiting for? Sign Up Today!

Once enrolled, you can begin searching for the perfect home immediately, or schedule a free, no obligation virtual consultation with your agent before proceeding.

Enroll to Begin Your Home Search Now



For questions about our Home Loans products and services, or to learn more about Home Rewards, contact the Credit Union's Real Estate Department at 888.800.3328.


Get Pre-Approved Before You Shop

Make finding the perfect home easier by getting a FREE, no obligation Pre-Approval today!

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1 Excludes commission owed to buyer's agent.

2 Rebate is awarded by Home Rewards Group, Inc. to buyers and sellers who select and use a real estate agent in the Home Rewards network. Rebate is 20% for purchase only of a residential property. Payment is credited to your benefit at the close of transaction. Using First Entertainment for a mortgage loan is not a requirement to earn the rebate. Purchase price must be greater than $150,000. All rebates are subject to limitations, lender guidelines, state laws and other requirements. Certain properties may not be eligible for rebates. Please consult a qualified tax professional for advice on tax implications from receiving a rebate. Home Rewards Group, Inc. is not affiliated with First Entertainment Credit Union. First Entertainment NMLS #407686.