the Show photo with Kate Post

What, me worry? If you’re Kate Post, apparently not, which is ironic because you’d think that as a talent booker for one of TV’s funniest shows she’d be a ball of raw nerves glued together by caffeine and fear. Hardly.

Sweet. Friendly. Incredibly positive. Kate projects the kind of unassuming confidence that comes from total mastery, and a generosity of spirit that belies everything you think you know about show business.

“It’s because I’m incredibly lucky. I get to be around funny, talented people all the time. People that make me laugh.”

She’s been booking celebs and musical guests on MADtv for two seasons. “We bring our producers lists of ideas. On those lists are great bands, talent with a project to promote, or a celebrity who’s getting a lot of buzz. And then we talk about them. Decide if they’re a good fit. We ask ourselves, will they get it? Will they play, and maybe even make fun of themselves? Once the deal is approved, the producers look to me and my team to make it happen.”

Every week, she participates in the table reads with the cast, writers and producers. As they work the script, Kate makes suggestions as to who might be a good fit for a particular role. “It’s celebrity talent booking, but for MADtv it borders on casting. That’s why I like it, because I get to be creative. It’s an incredibly open, supportive environment. We also have a great casting director who handles our cast, the extras, the under-fives and the lookalikes.”

Prior to joining MADtv, Kate had years of experience as first, an intern in London at the BBC; then as a talent coordinator at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where she also produced the show’s daily promos. Kate moved on to many projects from there, including a stint at Oxygen, producing live comedy festivals, and booking the first season of the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“That was also a highly creative environment. But working for a show that books two celebrity guests per day can be pretty grueling. Also, I love the nature of sketch comedy. With a talk show, the content relies much more on the celebrity in the chair, whereas on MADtv, the content comes from our cast and brilliant writers. Our cast can play anybody, so at MADtv we don’t need celebrity talent to make the show special – but we do love working with our guest stars.”

Kate thrives on the relationships she’s formed over the years. And one of the other benefits of her role at MADtv is the fact that Kate gets the freedom of a long hiatus. “Last summer, I was able to produce a short film – that’s the kind of thing I like to do on my breaks. It was then that I first made contact with First Entertainment. My friend had been telling me how much she liked the credit union, and told me their loans were incredible. She was right. I got a terrific loan which allowed me to fund my personal life while I produced our project. I absolutely got a better deal from First Entertainment than I would’ve from anybody else. Believe me, I looked around.”

“I think First Entertainment is really different. They treat you like you’re somebody special, like you’re a human being. They made me feel very at home and welcomed and they really helped me out at a time when I was a little concerned about what I was going to be doing with my time off. I didn’t want to go just work on any old show. I wanted it to be creative and fun, and I was able to really enjoy that time.”

So what’s planned for the next hiatus? “I’m in talks with a few exciting projects, and then my fiancé and I are going to live in Spain for a month. When we come back, we may start house hunting.”

Kate, when that time comes, we’ll be here for you again. No worries.