jordan fuqua

Born in Madison, WI, raised in a southern suburb of Oklahoma City, nurtured by loving parents, hers is the American dream personified. Fueled with a desire to make the most of her life, the young woman leaves her beloved family to go off to college in a faraway state. Here, at the University of Michigan, she excels. Recruited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers before she even graduates, she again sojourns to a distant city, this time, San Francisco, where once again she proves herself. But auditing is no life for someone who loves to help others, and so, with nary a contact in sight, she heads off to Hollywood for neither fame nor fortune, but with charity in her heart, kindness as her beacon and a new career in her sights. She lands a coveted position at CBS Television. Then is offered a promotion at another major network. Sounds like something you’d watch on E!, right?

Meet Jordan Fuqua, Benefits Supervisor at E! Networks. She manages the daily benefits administration of the company health and welfare plans, one of the richest benefits packages offered in the industry. With about 800 employees coast to coast, she goes out of her way to make every individual feel cared for. Talk to Jordan for a few minutes, and her passion is obvious. “I’m in the business of helping people,” she says, beaming.

Her creativity is equally evident. Last year, Jordan helped develop E!’s benefits website. The department’s vision of a paperless process is now a reality, plus it allows employees to manage their benefits entirely with a few fast clicks. Even the annual health fairs she produces show her special flair; here, you won’t find doctors in white coats giving droll advice. What you will find is the cream of the crop of LA’s best lifestyle vendors –Whole Foods, Jamba Juice, Atkins, spas, yoga parlors, holistic healers, Weight Watchers – all with gifts in hand for all the E! employees. The employees are crazy about it.

But perhaps the most unique service Jordan manages is E!’s acclaimed concierge service for E! staffers, appropriately named “True Hollywood Service” Concierge. With this amazing benefit, employees have a personal helper to handle their dry cleaning, coordinate vacation getaways, rent movies, get lunch delivered, even find a guy to fix the leak in their roof at home. It’s like having a personal valet, and for E!, it means that the employees can focus on their work while someone else handles those pesky details of living.

“I love my job,” Jordan says. “I work with an amazing group of bright, ambitious and creative people who are fantastic at what they do. I get introduced to our new hires during their first few weeks at E! when I conduct benefits orientation for all staffers. So far, it’s just been an incredible learning opportunity. This is the kind of company that thrives on innovation and creativity. They’re never afraid to try something new.”

Jordan is an admitted television addict, and when she has spare time, she is an avid photographer.

She has been a member of First Entertainment for a little over a year, and, excuse the shameless plug, she raves about us. “I used to limit my banking to ATM transactions only because I wanted to avoid the chaos and long lines at most of the branches in my area. I was genuinely surprised by the care and attention I found at First Entertainment. In fact, I’ve moved all my business there.” Jordan and her husband have been spending a lot of time on the mortgage section of our website as they plan for their new home. Jordan continues, “The fact is, they’ve exceeded all my expectations.”

Jordan, you’ve exceeded our expectations too, and for devoting your help to the cause of helping others, we salute you.