elizabeth tig mackenzie portrait

Nicknamed for the high-energy “fun-fun-fun” Tigger from Winnie the Pooh,

Elizabeth “Tig” McKenzie has a life as colorful as her name. She studied with the Joffrey Ballet. She sang and danced in Opryland. She dazzled on Broadway in 42nd Street. And finally, she hopped on The Love Boat and headed to Hollywood. “They were auditioning for The Love Boat and I was the dancer chosen from New York.”

The Love Boat meant more than a fictional role – it was a real love story too. Tig’s husband was acting in Los Angeles, so when she got onboard TV’s famed romance ship, the two could finally say bye-bye to bi-coastal.

Tig’s success as a performer on stage and screen leaves one major question. How did her career take a 180 and land her at Point.360 – on the other side of the camera? The answer lives in one word. Curiosity.

“I was doing The Love Boat and I had no idea how we got from production to my TV set in two weeks. What is this mystery thing that happens? So I would hang out with the editors and go to dailies and try to figure it out as best I could, because I was simply curious.”

Her fascination for behind-the-scenes magic prompted her husband to suggest she work at a post-production facility. The transition suited both of them perfectly as they started their family. “I really wanted to be at home at night to read bedtime stories.”

Point.360 is a full-service post-production company. “We handle anything that starts on set with visual effects through dailies coming in on all different types of digital cameras or film. And then we might do some creative editorial. We finish the product. We’re also known for distribution. So if you have a show that needs to go to 72 different countries overnight, we can do that.”

Additionally, Point.360 provides subtitling, closed-captioning, translation and film restoration services, as well as long-term storage for film, video and data tapes. “People still need to access their original materials as technology changes. Or as they migrate forward, just in case technology doesn’t work, they have their original to come back to.”

As Vice President of Sales, Tig describes her role as “Whatever You Need.” “I’m in sales, but solving workflows daily. Clients call and say, ‘This is what we’d like to do.’ So it’s a matter of creating the best road map, in the most cost-efficient way to get the quality that they’re looking for. Not everything is going to go to broadcast, not everything is going to be a huge restoration. Technology changes in earnest every two years, so we do a lot of navigation for clients.”

Some of Tig’s current projects reflect amusing (if not downright mind-boggling) diversity. The movie Predator, the Saw movies and … Disneyland? “With Predator for Blu-ray, they want the compression to be pleasing to the eye, but they don’t want to lose the look of film. So we completed the restoration with care. For the latest Saw film we created subtitles in 3-D. And Eden FX, our visual effects company, just finished putting together elements for a show at Disneyland’s ‘It’s a Small World.’” The mesmerizing projection show brings the cheery ride to life outside, and integrates pictures of people at the park that day.

Mapping the moving target of technology is exciting, albeit complex. “It’s a fantastic Rubik’s Cube every day. It’s not for everybody. But if you like details and fast-changing objects, it’s great.”

When it comes to banking, Tig prefers far less complexity. A 15-year member of First Entertainment, she and her husband were won over by the way First Entertainment treated their children. “I’m such an advocate for credit unions,” she says. “But what really got us was when we opened up a small savings account for our children. The larger banks were taking out quite large monthly fees. First Entertainment wasn’t. I truly appreciated that.”

Since then, it’s been a nonstop financial joy fest. “First Entertainment has always been convenient, and now they’ve opened up more branches in the Valley, which has made them even more convenient. Their service is phenomenal. When you work in production or post-production, you don’t have a 9 to 5 job. And there have been times when I’ve lost my ATM card …I can go to a branch on Saturday and get it replaced in 15 minutes. It’s extraordinary and simple. And they don’t look at you like, ‘You big dope. You lost your ATM card!’”

“We’ve also taken out loans with First Entertainment, and it’s the simplest process. They return your phone calls. They make things easy to navigate. And the rates are fantastic!”

Thank you, Tig, for taking time from mapping success for clients to helping put us on the map!