the Show issue 37 cover photo with Audra Lowe

Audra Lowe is out to make the world a better place.

As host of the Manhattan Based syndicated “The Better Show,” Audra aims to make life better with a wide range of lifestyle topics. Now in its sixth season, the upbeat morning show focuses on relationships, finances, entertainment, beauty, fitness, decorating, food, trends, tips – and anything else that might enhance lives.

“I love interviewing people. I love interacting with them. I love making them happy and making them comfortable. It just so happens that I do it on camera. But I would be just as happy doing it off camera.” A surprising admission from the vivacious wife and mother, who has been instrumental in growing the show from 12 markets to nearly 180.

“I never really set out to be an on-camera personality,” Audra explains. A Los Angeles native, she earned two BAs from U.C. Santa Barbara and an MA from UCLA. “I wanted to go into journalism, whether it was newspaper, radio or TV. I was really interested in the writing aspect, and in researching and producing.” She started in TV while in college and began working at a small station when she graduated. “I just loved it. I love spreading news.”

Audra Lowe photoSo how did she end up thousands of miles from home, hosting a lifestyle show on camera instead of delivering news behind a mic? The story has the makings of a feel-good movie. While working at the small station, Audra would stay late practicing her on-camera delivery. “Our news director saw me practicing after our newscast was over, at about 11o’clock. He was downstairs; I didn’t know he was there. I kept practicing over and over with the same scripts that they had used earlier. He watched me for about a year.” Then one day, a co-worker called in sick. “He looked at me, hesitated and said, ‘Do you want to give it a shot?’ I was always told to keep an extra business suit in my car, and I did. It was like a dream come true.” She laughs when she recalls the clip. “I was just so nervous. But he gave me the chance.” And she loved it.

That experience figures into another way Audra makes lives better – she conducts broadcasting seminars around the country. Her goal is to help people wanting to make a positive on-camera impression. This includes industry hopefuls, entrepreneurs with products and professional athletes. “I wish that I’d had that kind of motivation and mentorship when I was coming up. But there’s always some way to fill the void of what you didn’t have, and now you’re able to help someone else with it.”

She also makes life better for pregnant women. She helps them quietly – and humorously – speak their mind on her Lowe Blow Tee’s maternity line. While pregnant with her now two-year-old daughter, Audra was surprised to discover how people –often unintentionally – made rude or strange comments to pregnant women. “I told my husband, ‘I have to turn this into a positive. I really want to put these phrases on tee shirts so people can read them and not even open their mouth to make those comments.’ And he said, ‘Why don’t you do it?’ And I did.” The tees include “Go ahead. But I get to rub yours first,” “Heard it all …no unsolicited advice needed at the moment. NONE.” and one that lists “Things I don’t want to hear today” (which includes “You’re about to pop!”).

Fortunately for First Entertainment, when it comes to making her own world a better place, Audra chooses us for banking – despite living 3,000 miles away.

When they first moved to New York, Audra and her husband tried banking with the national banks or larger East Coast banks. “But one thing after another would come up. Customer-service related issues or fees and after about a year or so, my husband and I looked at each other and said, ‘We never had this problem with First Entertainment. Ever.’ So we decided to figure out how to make it work 3,000 miles away. We did and there’s never been a problem. We’ve always had the best service.”

How do they do it? “We definitely bank online. That’s probably 90 percent of what we do. Thank goodness for!” she laughs. They also take advantage of a full range of products, services – and perks. “We’ve always used First Entertainment for our car loans. First Entertainment has great rates for car financing that you would never find anywhere else. We’ve also taken advantage of First Entertainment’s Will Preparation and Financial Planning. We’ve flown to LA specifically to talk to someone at the credit union for something as important as that. There’s always something that First Entertainment offers and we say, ‘Oh, wow. I had no idea that they did this.’ We see what they have to offer first before we even consider anywhere else. They have the best rates around and they make it so easy. And there’s always some fun twist. It’s not the standard, same-old humdrum banking terminology. They make it fun and easy to understand. I love the credit union. Love it.”

Thank you, Audra, for making First Entertainment a better place. We promise to keep making your banking world better too!