the Show issue 22 cover photo with Anthony Miner

Anthony Miner is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand hair stylists, but his best work might actually be on what’s inside his clients’ heads. As the author of two popular self-help books, his lifelong fascination with human nature has made him as much a source for insight and inspiration as he is for creating fabulous looks.

His early career was in the music industry, working for major labels such as Warner Bros. Records, Sony, and Virgin, doing everything from dance music promotion to A&R. And though he reached a notable level of success, his heart just wasn’t in it. “I felt anonymous… unrecognized,” explains Anthony, “… with all these brilliant creative people coming and going and me just withering inside.” So Anthony started “thinking forward backwards” (more on that in a minute), and made a life-changing decision. “I was torn between pursuing law or hair styling, both subjects I’ve always had an interest in,” recalls Anthony, “and ultimately I chose styling. Frankly, it was a shorter career path.”

Once his choice was made, Anthony put his life philosophy into practical application; namely, visualizing where you want to be in a year, two years, perhaps even longer, and working your way backwards, step-by-step, to map out an action plan to get there. In other words, thinking forward backwards. He studied the salons, the stylists, the styles. He went to school. He sought out a world-class stylist and convinced her to let him apprentice. He learned who the players were, asked for their help to succeed, and they obliged.

Anthony Miner photographIn short order, Anthony went from assistant hair stylist at Umberto’s in Beverly Hills to coveted stylist on major films and TV shows, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie’s Angels, Domino, ‘Til Death, Numb3rs, Celebrity Duets, The Wayne Brady Show, The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and, most recently, Heroes, to name a few.

“I love people,” Anthony says with a knowing smile, “and I take a genuine interest in their lives, their idiosyncrasies and the things that make them tick. Throughout my life I’ve always looked for tools that would improve relationships, and that’s what led me to becoming an author.”

His latest book, “If You Like Chocolate, Eat Chocolate,” helps women understand and manage their love lives, with practical advice that empowers them to make the choices they want, then manage the results for maximum happiness.

“I think my strength is that I’m a great listener,” says Anthony. “I pay attention, I care, and most importantly, I don’t make judgments. The less you judge, the more people are willing to open up – and that’s been the key to my success.” His warm smile and kind eyes betray a caring spirit. “Each of us has to realize that we have a tremendous impact on other people, even strangers we might only encounter for a moment. I’m always thinking about what I can do to help others feel good.” Anthony pauses thoughtfully. “People will forget what you do to them, but they never forget how you made them feel.”

Between jobs, Anthony spends his time working on his next book, playing basketball and hanging out with his two teenage sons, both of whom are fanatical hockey players and looking to get into the pros. “It’s been an incredible journey,” Anthony says, beaming, “and do you know that First Entertainment has been with me through it all for the last 21 years?” Okay, now Anthony’s starting to make us feel good. “I love the credit union. I’ve tried banks, but there is no comparison whatsoever. The customer service is just incredible. I bank at the Wilshire branch, and I know everyone there. The manager, Jackie, is the best. But they’re all just sweet and helpful and smart. Jay and Jorge and Jayne and Kimaya … all of them make banking a pleasure. I don’t think of them as staff, I think of them as friends.”

Thanks, Anthony. You’ve made us look really good. And you haven’t even touched our hair.