In These Times of Global Uncertainty, We’re Focused on You.

CEO Frank Wasåson portrait

As our Nation finds itself swirling in unpredictability, it’s given all of us at the credit union an even greater appreciation of our responsibility to you, our members, and an increased focus on doing everything we can to help our community prosper. Allow me to take a moment to mention a few specifics that will underscore my point.

When the political and economic landscape is turbulent, traditional banks look for ways to earn more profits for their shareholders. Their goal is the bottom line, period. So they have no concerns about investing overseas, as an example, or using their funds in ways that have little or no benefit to anyone other than their shareholders. Simply put, it’s all about the money. Well, if ever there was a time to question where your money is invested, it’s now.

At First Entertainment, investment and ownership is where we shine. YOU are our owners, so we invest in you. For us, it’s about using our resources to improve local concerns: our industry, our towns, our neighbors, and most importantly, making life better for you and your family in whatever ways we can. That’s where we invest; through member loans, exceptional service, and community and industry engagement.

For example, we offer low rate loans, tailored specifically to the unique income and expense situations of folks in the entertainment industry. We offer a wide range of products created especially for you and designed to solve a range of financial problems within a diverse set of circumstances. We help members rebuild credit, establish a secure financial base, access their accounts worldwide from a multitude of devices, and make the absolute most of their money.

Being part of the entertainment industry can lead to a crazy career. Yet, we hope it’s comforting to know that unlike some huge faceless bank, your money has a genuine advocate. We invest where it matters most – in our members – and in ways that will make a genuine difference in your life.

Since 1967, First Entertainment has built on the foundation principle of “People Helping People.” Focusing on our members has allowed them – and enabled us – to prosper and grow for nearly 50 years. Given all that’s happening in our industry, the political climate, and global environment, it’s more important than ever to stay true to our mission to bring local financial value to our members. After all, that’s why you started First Entertainment in the first place, isn’t it?

Thank you for your membership,

Frank Wasson

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