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First Entertainment Credit Union is An Alternative Way to Bank
We have a unique approach to serving the financial needs of people throughout Los Angeles County and we're also the largest credit union in the U.S. serving entertainment professionals. We really understand how to address your unique financial needs.

Here's EXACTLY How First Entertainment's Members Get More!

  • A Credit Union is Not-For-Profit and You are the Shareholder, Not Some Banker or Anonymous Stockholder
  • You'll Find 10 Branches in the LA Area Including 3 on Studio Lots at WB, Paramount and Sony
  • Lower Rates on Loans
  • Lower Rates on Credit Cards
  • Lower Rates on Mortgages
  • FREE Mobile Banking
  • FREE Mobile Deposit
  • Totally Free Checking
  • Higher Rates on Savings
  • Nearly 30,000 ATMs with No Surcharge Fees!
  • CU Service Centers Shared Branching Network (All Across the U.S.)
  • Lots of Other Member Perks and Discounts

Who is Eligible to Join?
Membership in First Entertainment Credit Union is open to the employees, their families and retirees of companies served by First Entertainment, and to any and all persons who live, regularly work, currently attend school, or currently worship in Los Angeles County, California, as well as any and all businesses, corporations, and/or other legal entities in Los Angeles County, California.

It's a fact: We have more companies with First Entertainment members than you can shake a roll of gaffer's tape at!

If you're an employer and you're interested in company membership, submit our Select Employee Group questionnaire online. For additional information on how your company can offer credit union membership to its employees at no cost or financial obligation, Contact Us right away.

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  • Touch ID
  • Fall Auto Loan
  • MBIS
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