Need a Break?

Let’s be honest, everyone's budgeting runs a little tight once in a while. That’s why First Entertainment offers Skip-a-Pay, allowing qualifying members a method to skip a regular monthly loan payment for a $25 fee*. Here are the Skip-a-Pay specifics:

Closed-End Loans

Auto, Lifestyle and Unsecured Loans – allowed two maximum skips during the life of the loan.
Other Vehicle Loans – allowed one skip per year
(Please Note: NO real estate loans are eligible for this service)

Open-End Loans

Personal Lines of Credit (PLOCs) and VISA Credit Cards – allowed one maximum skip during a 12 month period.

By taking advantage of Skip-a-Pay, the skipped payment will be repositioned to the end of your loan.

To Use Skip-a-Pay, Log-on to and Proceed in One of Two Ways:

(either method achieves the same result!):

  1. You Can

    Go to the “Account Summary” page and scroll down to the “Loans & Credit Cards” section. Then, click the “Skip-a-Pay” link directly under the loan you select. (Please note that this link only appears on loans eligible for Skip-a-Pay.)

  2. Or, You Can

    Go to the “Account Summary” page and select the “Account Services” tab. Then go to the “Loan Services” section and click the “Skip-a-Pay (Skip a Loan Payment)” link.

If you have more questions about using Skip-a-Pay or, call us at 888-800-3328 and we’ll help you get started.

* A minimum of six (6) consecutive, timely loan payments must be made prior to the first allowable Skip-a-Pay.


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