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Personal Loans With Character

a superhero, a knight, a sea captain and a sorceress

Every Character Could Use A Loan

No matter who you are, a Personal Loan from First Entertainment can help you fulfill your dreams - from lifestyle upgrades to bill consolidation or a much-needed vacation.

A Personal Loan With Character from First Entertainment Credit Union is just one more way that your membership works for you! You get a low rate on a great loan that can help you do so many things - and we make it easy to apply too!

Your Personal Loan With Character is Waiting!

Apply online right now, talk to us at any branch location, or call us at 888-800-3328.

Apply For Your Personal Loan Today!

Life can be an epic quest, a mystical journey, a sun-soaked adventure, or a crime-fighting crusade, but at the end of the day, everyone needs to make ends meet. With limits up to $30,000 and excellent rates, we can get you the money you need to make stuff happen -- even if your needs are a little less legendary.

View Our Current Personal Loan Rates. These are unsecured loans with scheduled fixed payments.

Need ideas? We'd like to introduce you to a handful of characters who could definitely benefit from a First Entertainment Personal Loan.

Meet Some Real Characters

a super hero leaps into action

Purple Wing

Superhero in training

Needs Money For:
Superhero union initiation fees

The life of a solo vigilante is a lonely one indeed ... and you don't get benefits! When joining a union is your next move, you can cover initiation fees with a personal loan. For justice!

a fierce warrior looks off into the distance

Loreena the Fierce

Guardian of the Lowlands

Needs Money For:
Armor Upgrades

A personal loan can help when you've got expenses related to advancing your career. For example, you might need new armor when you transition from fighting trolls and goblins to hunting dragons and demons.

a captain who has lost his ship stares out to sea

Roger "No Beard" Ripcoin

Captain of The Misty Flounder (currently lost at sea)

Needs Money For:
A new ship & one year of supplies

Keeping track of your ship is an important job for a captain, but things can get hectic on the high seas. When crucial equipment needs replacing, a fast and convenient loan can get you back on your sea legs.


Morgana Brightwood

Freelance Sorceress

Needs Money For:
New potions & charms

The alchemy market has been challenging since the Eye of Newt shortage of '15, but with an understanding financial partner, Morgana can keep potion supplies stocked so she can focus on crafting new spells.

* All Loans are subject to credit approval, not all members will qualify. Additional terms and rates may apply. Loan proceeds may not be used to refinance existing First Entertainment Credit Union loans.