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Cashback Real Estate Rebate Program

Earn a Rebate When You Buy or Sell Your Home

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Want to know the secret to huge rebates?

It's simple - use the right tools, and work with the right partners.

First Entertainment has partnered with First Team® Real Estate to bring you a great service, our Cashback Real Estate Rebate Program. Not only does this program provide excellent home search assistance, but when First Entertainment members buy or sell a home using an agent from First Team, they'll automatically receive a rebate that could be in the THOUSANDS!*

How it Works

Once you're signed up for the program, the first thing we do is stack the deck in your favor. What's better than expert leading you through the real estate jungle? How about TWO experts assigned as your personal guides:

  • A First Entertainment Loan Consultant for any mortgage needs you may have, plus
  • A local First Team Agent to assist with your home search, purchase and/or sale.
  • Even better, these hand-picked First Team Real Estate Agents have agreed to provide First Entertainment members expert home buying and selling services - and to pay a home rebate from their commissions. Multiply the agent's commission (typically 3% of the sale price of the home) by 20%, and that's your rebate amount. And that 20% rebate jumps to 25% if you both buy AND sell with your First Team Agent! Here's some examples to give you an idea of how much you can expect to typically get back:*
Examples based on 3% commission rate. Rebates subject to loan guidelines.

Once your rebate is processed, you receive a check issued by First Team Real Estate within 60 days after close of escrow.

There's More to Cashback Than Just Cash - Get Started Today!

Start here when you're ready to buy or sell your home, or call 888-464-5028. But don't forget that Cashback is more than just money in your pocket.

Get Started on Your Cashback Program Now!

Not only can you get a great home rebate when you use Cashback, but you also have a knowledgeable Agent working with you every step of the way plus access to online decision support tools and value-added services that are ready and waiting for you:

  • Property Search: You'll get direct access to MLS listings so you can start your property search from the comfort of your home.
  • Email Updates: Sign up to receive daily new listing emails that match your home search criteria so you won't miss out on that perfect house.
  • Escrow Services: Members receive a 20% discount on escrow services from Hallmark/Coast Cities Escrow including free signing services at your home or office, and guaranteed on-time closing.**
  • Market Analysis: Make sure you're getting a good value - approximate a home's value or view recently sold homes in the area.
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* Rebate payment is made by First Team Real Estate and is issued as a check from First Team Real Estate within 60 days after close of escrow. Purchase price must be greater than $200,000. Members receive a 20% rebate if they sell or purchase a home with a First Team Agent. In order to receive the 25% rebates, the home sale and purchase transactions must take place within six months of each other. First Team Real Estate is not affiliated with First Entertainment Credit Union. Rebate examples shown in the chart above are based on a 3% commission rate. Since agent commissions vary, your rebate figures may adjust accordingly. Ask for details.

** On-time closing guaranty paid by Hallmark/Coast Cities Escrow at the close of transaction. Hallmark/Coast Cities Escrow is not affiliated with First Entertainment Credit Union.