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Balance Transfer

Why Pay More?

If you pay less, you have more. It's simple really. Transfer your balances from your other high-rate credit cards to your First Entertainment Visa® Platinum Credit Card and you'll be paying less interest.

And you're not limited to just one transfer - you can transfer over any number of balances up to your credit limit - and all with no balance transfer fees (unless tied to a special promotional rate). Want to transfer more than your available limit? Just call 888.800.3328 (option 3) to request a credit line increase.

It's Easy to Start Transferring Balances Today:

  1. Step 1

    Log in to Digital Banking.

  2. Step 2

    Click the "Loans and Visa Cards" tab.

  3. Step 3

    Go to the "Visa Credit Card" portal.

  4. Step 4

    Select the "Services" tab.

  5. Step 5

    Click "Balance Consolidation" and enter your information in the required fields.

If you need assistance, call 888.800.3328 and choose Option 3. After normal business hours, call 866.820.3867. If calling to transfer, be sure to have both the name and address of the company from which you're transferring, as well as, the account number and balance you wish to move. For more information regarding Balance Transfers, please see our Balance Transfer FAQs.

* Balance transfers incur no balance transfer fees, unless tied to a special promotional rate.

Payments to existing First Entertainment Credit Union loans are not eligible. You should not use the balance transfer to transfer the amount of any disputed purchase or charge, as you may lose your rights to dispute that purchase or charge. You must continue to make your required monthly payments to the issuer/merchant (your existing creditor/card issuer) until you receive a statement from the issuer/merchant (your existing creditor/card issuer) reflecting the balance transfer payment.

First Entertainment will not be responsible for any finance charges or late fees you incur on your other account(s) as result of the balance transfer request. First Entertainment will not close your other accounts, even if you transfer the entire balance - please contact other creditors directly. Balance transfer requests may not exceed your available credit at the time we process your request. Your accounts at First Entertainment must be in good standing at the time the balance transfer is processed. Please refer to First Entertainment Credit Union Visa Platinum Card Agreement and Federal Truth-In-Lending Disclosure Statement for additional information. Each balance transfer will be treated as a cash advance as described in your Credit Card Agreement and will begin to accrue finance charges from the date of the transaction. If you have not activated your credit card, please call 888.800.3328, Option 3 to do so prior to completing a balance transfer.