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We figured, since you were online anyway, that perhaps we could provide you with some handy Internet references. Now, this in no way implies an endorsement by the credit union. The Chevy site is here, for example. But you won’t find a link to the Lamborghini site, this is a credit union after all!

First Entertainment Credit Union is not responsible for content or availability of these sites or any issue arising due to their content. The use of, or inability to access, these sites should be directed to the actual site owner. There, now legal is happy. Have fun… and learn something!

California Credit Union League

Credit Union National Association



Looking for a (new) job in the entertainment industry? This is a great place to start.

Entertainment Industry Foundation

If you work in the industry you should visit this page. If you don’t, you should still visit this page!

Audiences Unlimited

Get tickets to live TV shows.


Gossip, news, movies, music and everything you need to know about Hollywood.

Auto Related

Car and Driver

Great news for cars… and the people who drive them.


Chevrolet cars, trucks, history, etc.

Ford Motor Company

Ford cars, trucks, history, etc.

JD Powers and Associates

Not Austin Powers, or Tyrone Power, but their cousin, J.D.

Kelly's Blue Book

Not Mao’s little red book.


Customized travel plans, interactive maps and real snazzy graphics.

Microsoft Car Point

Triple AAA

One better than Double A.

Helpful site offering auto reviews, pricing, rebates, and incentives.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Crash tests and consumer information from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Auto comparisons and reviews


Consumer Finance/Investment

American Stock Exchange

A great place to exchange your stock.

U.S. Consumer Information

Order consumer publications.

Debt Counselors of America

Financial Aid Information


CNNfn Financial Network

News updates and financial advice from the experts.

The Financial Center

Home of Wall Street's market experts.

The Motley Fool

Financial investment site helping people with investment and personal financial decisions. And one of the best URLs on the ‘net!

Consumer Reports

Reviews on everything Roger Ebert missed.

America's Job Bank

Site brought to you by the U.S. Dept. of Labor and state operated public employment service.

Employment Opportunities

Career site with thousands of job listings and career guides. Not monsters.

Family Oriented – Children

Toys for Tots ­– So-Cal

Toys For Tots annual toy drive in Southern California.


Company's website offering free games and fun activities for children. Not actual crayons.

Enchanted Learning

Educational web site with fun facts and games. Not endorsed by Amy Adams.

The Kid's Domain

Kid oriented site with fun stuff for kids to make, do, and see.

College Power Prep

Home of SAT and ACT preparation. [SAT]


Helpful site in assisting individuals headed for college.

Public School Review

Comprehensive Internet guide to public and private schools from K-12.

Parenthood Web

Site providing advice from pregnancy to recipes. Not actually, pregnancy recipes…

Parent Soup

Parenting site offering advice to expecting parents. Not making soup out of your parents.

Federal Government

Fannie Mae

The government site, not my Aunt Fannie Mae’s personal blog.

Freddie Mac

Actually, this one IS my uncle Freddie Mac’s blog.. actually.. it’s not.

Federal Reserve Bank of NY

Great on-line Savings Bond calculator.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Library of Congress

We just love this site because it's filed with so much information you'll find helpful in your professional and personal life. This one’s a definite Bookmarker! Not a BookMAKER, that would be illegal.

National Credit Union Administration

Government agency that regulates federal credit unions nationwide.

U.S. Department of Justice

Lots of interesting links and topics ON JUSTICE!

U.S. Treasury

Additional information about Savings Bonds.

U.S. Postal Service

Ever need the Zip Code for What Cheer, Iowa (or any other U.S. city)? Go here and
you'll find it, plus the history, press releases and other general postal interest. Actually, What Cheer’s Zip is 50268.



Personal wellness site.


Health information from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Healthworld Online

Self-managed care site.


Go Solar California

Enjoy clean solar energy where you live and work.

Sierra Home

Software site offering helpful tips for better living.

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen

Free recipes and helpful links used by chefs and restaurants worldwide.


Food lovers site with tips from people with the same interest.

Legal Information

West Legal Directory

In-depth information for dealing with legal affairs.


Big Book

Find any company in the United States.


All the news you ever needed ... and then some.


Updated sports scores as they happen.


Public Broadcasting System related information.


Healthy Pet

Site brought to you by American Animal Hospital Association.

Now owned by PetSmart, this has everything you need for your pets.


Los Angeles Times

Smog reports and other useful news.

USA Today

As colorful as the printed version.

Wall Street Journal

U.S. News and World Reports

Most accurate and comprehensive telephone service directory.

Offering all kinds of dictionary in the web.


Best source for facts.

Search engine where you can search the web in a question format.


Online learning site for individuals or businesses.

How Stuff Works

For all the curious George's out there.

Search Engines

Search engines can help you find the information you're looking for even if you don't
have an address. By typing in a word, or string of words, the engine will search the web
for matches and provide you with a list that matches your inquiry. By clicking on a name
in the list you will jump directly to that site.






State Government

California Department of Motor Vehicles

Office locations, etc.

California Franchise Tax Board

Information on how to get California tax assistance.



Southern California train schedule and other transportation links.


Discount airfare, hotels, and travel advice.


One stop travel site providing online reservation and travel information.

Digital City

Complete guide to going out and getting stuff done.

What's Going On

Festivals, events, and destination guide worldwide.


iVillage – The Women's Network

Providing practical solutions and everyday support for women.

The Knot

Wedding supersite providing a fresh voice and real world sensibility to weddings.

Women's Health Interactive

Health education for women

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