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Time for a Hybrid?

It's no secret that every time gas prices start reaching all-time highs, people start talking about hybrids and their obvious advantages. But, understanding the technology and crunching the numbers on potential savings can be confusing. At First Entertainment, we want to help our members live better and more productive lives – and sometimes that means helping you sort out options for important purchases. We think that considering a hybrid vehicle could be a smart choice, but it's probably not for everyone. Here's some information that may help you in your search.


Want to compare a hybrid to what you drive now?
You can find a helpful Gas Mileage Impact Calculator at

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They also post a monthly sales dashboard, see the February 2012 numbers.


Want to know how a hybrid engine works?
Click the graphic below to see a larger image:

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Ever wonder if your hybrid or electric car is really the cleanest way to get you from point A to point B?
Smart Planet reports that the web site One Block Off the Grid has quantified the carbon footprint for a lone traveler to get to various destinations using multiple means of transportation. Here's what they found: on a cross-country trip, a gas guzzling SUV that gets 12 miles per gallon is the least carbon-efficient way to travel. They found that the most efficient mode of transportation is not a train, not a plane, and not even an electric car, but a bus. The bus would emit only 425 lbs. of CO2 per person during the trip. Planes and trains would also emit less per person than even a hybrid car on a cross-country trip.
On a shorter trip, say, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, it would actually be more efficient to drive a hybrid than fly a regional jet. Given an electric vehicle's pull off the coal-powered electrical grid, the most efficient transportation would still be a bus, emitting only 60 lbs. of CO2 per person.


Where are hybrids going?
Here are a few of the more popular facts:

  • Seventy-five percent of people who say they would consider a hybrid car cite lower fuel costs as the main reason.
  • The price of gas is a major reason why sales of green cars, including hybrids, are expected to increase four times by 2016.
  • ExxonMobil’s most recent Outlook for Energy anticipates that 50% of the cars on the road will be hybrids by 2040.
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