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"Hello? It's First Entertainment Credit Union calling/emailing/tweeting/yelping…"

While others may say it is First Entertainment Credit Union calling/emailing/tweeting/yelping…, they may only be dirty, rotten, scoundrels … or impostors, whichever you prefer. You may receive emails that look suspiciously like legitimate bank/credit union emails with legitimate logos and structured to look like the communications you typically receive from First Entertainment Credit Union. But in fact, they are actually fake emails that direct you to questionable Internet addresses. First Entertainment Credit Union will never ask you for personal information in an email or text message. So read your messages carefully and watch for any illegitimate emails that use incorrect spellings and poor grammar; and NEVER enter your password or personal information.

Here are First Entertainment Credit Union's online activities:

  • When we redesigned our website in 2008 we began to incorporate social networking sites into our Marketing efforts through Facebook – be sure to check us out at
  • Then, we began monitoring Internet activity and all postings that mentioned the Credit Union.
  • In 2009 we began working with other Tweetie birds on Twitter, to share information of interest with our members – including both operational information,as well as promotional information about our products, and related personal financial information topics. You can follow us on Twitter"@Firstent."
  • In 2010 we went to the dogs and established a business account on Yelp. Just yelp loudly and you'll find us.
  • In 2012 we launched our YouTube channel to post video communications that would be of interest to our members and potential new members.
  • We also communicate regularly by email with our members. Any member can opt-out of our regular email communication program by clicking on the "Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribeTM" link found at the very bottom of any First Entertainment email communication. This link will take the member to a page on the Constant Contact web site asking for the member's email. Once input, the SafeUnsubscribe service will add the member's address to a DO NOT MAIL list and will prevent it from being mailed to in future communications. The member can subscribe again if they wish to be put back on the list.




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