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Life happens and so do unplanned events. Every once in a while a member comes to us with a financial need that requires more specialized advice and counselling than we can offer at the credit union. That's why we've partnered with ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions. Thanks to them, First Entertainment members have access to FREE and low-cost counseling on budgeting, debt management and more. ClearPoint's website also provides financial education tips covering personal finance, housing and a host of other topics. Here's just a taste of what they can help you with …

  • FREE Budgeting & Credit Counseling
    ClearPoint offers free, confidential, one-on-one sessions with a certified financial specialist to help you develop and balance your budget, and teach you how to manage your money with a responsible spending plan. Sessions last approximately 60-90 minutes and provide you with an in-depth assessment of your financial situation (including credit reports). Through the counseling, you'll become aware of your present circumstances and the causes that created them. Once that's done, your ClearPoint Counselor helps you create a personalized action plan, and gives you the tools to manage your money better. They're available to answer your questinos about managing debt in the present and setting goals for a healthy financial future.
  • FREE Debt Management Program (DMP)
    For those with unmanageable credit card debt, there is help! This program may help you restructure your debt with creditors, allowing for some or all of the following: more convenient monthly payments, stopped collection calls, waived fees and penalties, and possibly even lowered interest rates. Not only will you repay your debt, but you will also likely save a significant amount of money compared to making monthly payments on your own. Enrollment in this service is free for First Entertainment members, and monthly fees are covered by the credit union.
  • FREE Pre-Purchase Counseling
    If you are thinking about buying a home, ClearPoint’s free pre-purchase counseling can help you determine whether you can afford it without getting in over your head. This comprehensive education program will help you make an informed decision, giving you a solid understanding of how to make your homebuying experience a lasting success.
  • Housing Counseling
    Certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), ClearPoint's housing specialists can address your housing-related needs. Aside from pre-purchase counseling, they also offer post-purchase, reverse-mortgage, and rental counseling.
  • Financial Tips
    Education is a powerful tool, and ClearPoint provides a wide variety of articles ranging from "How to Create a Budget" to "Managing Credit When Your Life Changes." Read ClearPoint’s blog to stay on top of the latest money management tips.

How You Can Get Started
If you're looking for a little guidence on how to manage your debt a little better, you can contact ClearPoint directly via their First Entertainment Member Hotline @ 866.625.0126 or through Remember to let them know you're a First Entertainment member!

So It's Really FREE?
YES … First Entertainment pays for all the basic counseling and DMP costs, making those FREE to our members – all so that our members can improve their financial situation. With ClearPoint's assistance, we're in a better position to help you - our member- so we're happy to pick up the tab.

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