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"Deactivation" Email Targeting CU Members is a Phishing Attempt

The Credit Union Information Security Professionals Association ( has reported that a number of Credit Union members are concerned about an email they receive stating that it is from The Credit Union Center Alert. The message states that the member's card has been deactivated and to call: 610-844-9824. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER.

These messages are also being received as text messages and phone calls. This is regarded as a minor threat and is being communicated now due to increased activity.

We advise you to NOT call the phone number, nor respond to an email or text requesting more information about your "deactivated card."

Be aware that phishing Emails frequently have attachments and/or links to Web pages that host malicious code and software. Do not open attachments or follow Web links in unsolicited Emails from unknown parties or from parties with whom you do not normally communicate, or that appear to be known but are suspicious or otherwise unusual. If malicious code is detected or suspected on a computer, consult with a computer security or anti-virus specialist to remove malicious code or re-install a clean image of the computer system. Always use anti-virus software and ensure that the virus signatures are automatically updated.

At First Entertainment, we take your privacy seriously. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of each member's and each customer's financial records consistent with state and federal laws. Read more in our Privacy Policy at:


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